As all businesses have different requirements, we offer tailored HSE consultancy services to suit each organization need. These include:
 Development and implementation of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Management
System (HSE-MS) for organizations
 Development of HSE Policy Manual and Communication
 QHSE Training
 QHSE compliance Audit
 General Occupational Health, Safety & Environment consultancy Services
 Hazard Identification Studies (HAZID
 Hazard Operation Studies (HAZOPs)
 Risk Assessment
 Installations of Fire Fighting Equipment (Fire Alarm, FM200,Fire Hydrant, System, Portable Fire
extinguishers, etc.)
 Supply of Personal Protective Equipment
 Supply of quality safety kits such as Safety Boots, First aid Boxes, etc

 Full ISO Management Systems (QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22001)
 Management System Audit and Second Party verification
 Management System training
 Management System Documentation


 Environmental Assessment: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies,
Environmental/Baseline Studies & Environmental Analysis, etc.
 Conduct and preparation of Environmental Audit and Report (EAR) for companies.
 Monthly industrial Wastes/Effluent monitoring and analysis.

Our Work Process

Quality Management System.
  • Value for money.
  • Safety that ensures profitability.
  • Committed to health and safety.

We are committed to;

Towards quality & healthy working environment.
  • Policy and procedures compliance based on health and safety Act Regulation.
  • Committed to continuous improvement and training on health and safety.